Football & KTV, Play what you want and sing what y


“Football & KTV, Play what you want and sing what you like”——MDA
March 26, 2009

March 26th, 2009. A sunny Thursday. In such pleasant weather, MDA encouraged the patients to go outdoors to enjoy and relax themselves ——enjoy what ordinary people can enjoy and experience the power of life. Aiming at these, MDA held the first NIKE electric-wheelchair football match in 2009. Around 12:15,eight volunteers from Fudan University and ShenJun from Dazhong taxi company came to the spot in advance. They arranged the field and the electronic wheelchairs sponsored by NIKE and INVACARE. At 13:15, patients from the downtown area and Qingpu and Fengxian Districts arrived at the spot to take part in the game. Players of the two teams (2 from each) together with the referee assembled on the square in front of the museum just on time. The players and the referee were all MDA patients. They were ChenYan and MoYanjia of the Red Team, HuangJiajun and ShengHongmei of the Purple Team and HongSimin, the referee. The Players moved the wheelchairs around and used the front fender of the wheelchairs to kick the ball. The competition was very exciting and both teams had scored several goals. Families of the patients were also very cheerful and they took many photos of the players. Many pedestrians were also attracted by the game and stopped to cheer for the players; some even acted as volunteers to help keep order. The game ended at 13:55 due to the limitation of time

The football game was only the beginning of today’s activities, which ushered in something even more exciting. At 14:30, the crowd (“MDA group”), composed of seven patients as well as their relatives and volunteers arrived at HOLIDAY KTV on the 10th floor of the BaiLian Mansion. Awaiting them was the HOLIDAY KTV singing competition, of which the slogan was “sing what you like without limitation”. One of the patients, RongRong, arrived at the spot just in time. She had
been caught in traffic previously and thus missed the football game, but she said she was so enthusiastic for singing that she would never miss this opportunity. The KTV singing competition was supported by HPLIDAY ENTERTANMENT CO., who generously offered two hours’ free time to the patients to sing. Miss LiShuo,representative of the marketing department of HOLIDAY Company also  attended the party. She warmly welcomed MDA members on behalf of the HOLIDAY Company. Mr. ZhangXu, manager of HOLIDAY Company’s BaiLian Mansion branch, met the patients despite his busy schedule. The KTV singing competition was hosted by ChengJialin, a student volunteer from Fudan University. At first some patients seemed shy and reserved, but with the encouragement of ChengJialin, gradually they all became eager to sing. Almost everyone has sung at least one song. Some super singers, like HongShengmei, MoYanjia and ChenYan had sung several songs consecutively and received the others’ warm applauses. Volunteers from Fudan Universiy including Christerfer from Switzerland and JiangRongjun from South Korea also joined the singing. Sometimes quite a few patients sang in the chorus part together with the volunteers. The KTV competition was actually a multilingual one which Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean was included, and these really made a harmonious scene. In the last session of “share you feelings”, patients expressed their expectation of coming to the KTV with others again in the near future; the families of the patients spoke highly of the organization of the whole activity  and the volunteers regarded the day as a very meaningful day and hoped to participate in other activities organized by MDA.

In the end, the chairman of “FuLun community”, an international charitable organization, joined in the singing spot. He spent some joyful time together with the patients and praised the patients’spirit of perseverance in fighting with the disease.
The whole event, from the football match to the  
KTV singing competition was interviewed by journalists from Educational Television Station and Channel Life and Channel Fashion. The KTV singing competition came to an end at 4:30pm. Everyone left with excited smiles on their faces. And the HOLIDAY said that it would be their pleasure if the MDA members came again.



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