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MDACHIA can give the patients and their families more mental support and more help , so that they could have an attitude which is more strong-minded , more positive and more optimistic towards life  and challenges . As a result, they can improve their life qualities . With the help of EAP Service Center and 3 psychological consult teachers : Wang Jinnan , Luo Qiong and Pen He , the first extent of spreading the knowledge and the activity of psychological guidance will be held in 6th April ,2009.
    The group of  psychological guidance is a kind of supporting group with aims at helping each other. Generally speaking , the members of the group have the same background , and they are together for the same goal . Thanks to the guidance of the psychological consult teachers , the sharing and communication among the group members , and the different kinds of proper activities, they can see their lives in a different  view , and they could gain more strength from the other members.
   MDACHINA is looking forward to your participation sincerely , and hope that ,the guidance in group and this kind of psychological help can satisfy your expectation , and you can get the sharing of experience and the strength from the activities with the other members .
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2nd April 2009



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