April 6 MDA Activity Report


                 April 6 MDA
Activity Report

April 6, another sunny day, MDA once again organized the sick intimates out for a NIKE motor-armchair competition. At 12:45pm sharp, the competition took place at Juyuan Club. The team members on both sides included Sheng Hongmei, Lu Wenqiang, Mo Yanjia, Huang Rong, Zhu Li’ang and so on .The coach was still Mr. Hong Siming. Under the condition that not all sick intimates had been present, volunteers from the University of Chinese Medicine were eager to have a try. Sitting in motor-armchairs, they had a unique experience of kicking a ball around. Around 1:05pm, the competition had been on quite excitedly for a spell, the Club provided us with a piece of ground indoors to continue our game for free. After the change of the ground, the athletes played even better, and their spirits reached a climax. There were victories and defeats on both sides, it’s a tough game indeed. But as time went on, it seemed that the athletes no longer played only for the final results. What they really enjoyed was the process of being engaged in sports and games and the chance to enjoy good times in life just like normal people.

After the motor-armchair football competition, the team members shared their after-game thoughts led by Cheng Si, a social worker from Fu Dan University. Besides, the sick intimates talked about their most pleasant and unforgettable experiences in life, and discussed reasons why they felt so happy. The intimates’ discussion had profoundly proved how important it was to go outdoors, to go into society and to take part in social activities. This point of view was widely accepted by the intimates represent, who made a promise to take a more active part in all kinds of social activities organized by MDA as well.

Following the discussion was a first gathering held by a group counseling series. The team was led by three teachers, Wang Jinnan, Luo Qiong, Peng Hefang, with a psychological education background. Meanwhile, the sick intimates actively shared their own life stories and deepest feelings, such as their experiences of overcoming diseases and hardships in life. They also refined the meanings of their life, and sincerely shared with other team members. This first group counseling had received a marvelous effect, and was spoken highly of by the presenters.

April 6th, the day when the activities took place, the sick intimates played football firstly, in an extremely exciting atmosphere: then they took part in the group counseling, and shared a lot sincerely. From sports to quietness, the intimates were getting accustomed to life at different paces, they expressed a wish to make their life more calm and confident.



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